When You Need Attorneys That Understand Both Sides,
You Turn To Goldman & Ehrlich

Dual-Perspective Attorneys

Our attorneys at Goldman & Ehrlich make up a dual-perspective litigation team for both employees and employers. Based in the greater Chicago area, they can provide a unique perspective for our clients that shows them both sides of the same story.

Since our lawyers can provide representation for both sides, they are able to approach each case from the perspective of attorneys who understand how the opposition may be approaching the case. So, if you’re an employee involved in a case against your employer, then our team may be able to provide insight on how the other side is thinking.

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Let Us Guide You Through A Complicated Process

Whether you’re an employee or an employer seeking representation, we know that you are focused on what matters to you: results. We aren’t going to get you hung up on all the boring bureaucracy that comes from a court case. Instead, our lawyers will guide you through that process while forming a strategy to best represent you however they can.

If you are someone who wants to be heavily involved in the process, then our lawyers will be sure to involve you as much as they can. All our clients are given direct access to a partner attorney who personally handles your case so that they can form a case specific to your goals. These are experienced lawyers, and they are here to help you.

Ready To Speak To A Lawyer?

If you feel that you have been the victim of employer retaliation or if you run a small business and need help with a legal matter, then you’ve come to the right team. At Goldman & Ehrlich, we want to assist you however we can. To speak to an attorney today, call us at 312-332-6733 or use our online contact form.