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Helping Companies Negotiate Employment Agreements That Comply With The Law

For businesses to be competitive, they must hire the best workers available and keep them happy and productive for their tenures with the company. Before awarding an attractive executive compensation package to a prospective employee, make sure that the contract protects you as well. Our Chicago employment attorneys at Goldman & Ehrlich assist businesses in crafting and negotiating executive employment agreements and compensation packages. The elements of a successful package that we regularly negotiate include:

  • Change in control contingencies
  • Incentives
  • Noncompete covenants
  • Performance bonuses
  • Relocation assistance
  • Salary
  • Severance packages
  • Signing bonuses
  • Titles
  • Vacation time
  • Vesting schedules

Chicago Executive Employment Help From Seasoned Attorneys

At Goldman & Ehrlich, all our clients meet directly with partner attorneys who manage all aspects of their legal issues. They will work closely with you to address all your concerns and implement strategies that will help us arrive at a mutually beneficial settlement. Since our Chicago employment lawyers also negotiate compensation on behalf of employees, you will get the additional advantage of their experience from that side of the conference table.

Escape Clauses When Performance Falls Short

While it’s exciting to sign an employee whom you believe will deliver a positive impact on the balance sheet, you need to anticipate and protect yourself from disappointment. Let us prepare an agreement that gives you the flexibility to terminate the agreement when appropriate and sets clear metrics for the employee’s performance to make it easier to part ways if performance doesn’t materialize. Our lawyers at Goldman & Ehrlich can also prepare a reasonable severance package and agreement when termination is necessary, which will protect you from a potential lawsuit.

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If your company is going to invest in a new hire for an upper management position, our team at Goldman & Ehrlich can effectively prepare an agreement reflecting the terms of employment. Call us at 312-332-6733 today or contact our Chicago office online.