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Executive Contract Negotiation And Hiring

Chicago Employment Law Firm Secures Just Compensation

Congratulations. You’ve maneuvered past all the pitfalls of a highly competitive job market, and you’ve secured an offer of employment. Now comes the dicey part: negotiating fair compensation and reasonable terms and conditions in an agreement that will protect you both during and after your employment has ended. Before you sign an employment agreement, consult an experienced Chicago employment lawyer at Goldman & Ehrlich.

Covenants Not To Compete And Restrictions On Your Future Employment

Most employers will insist that you sign a noncompete agreement that will limit your options for future employment. Before signing such an agreement, consult with Goldman & Ehrlich. We will make sure you understand rights and obligations and help you negotiate a more reasonable agreement. Contact us online or by phone at 312-332-6733.

If you have already signed such an agreement, let us review the covenant not to compete before you leave your employment or begin searching for a new job. We can determine if the covenant you signed is enforceable. We can also advise you regarding what you can and cannot do to insure that you do not violate the covenant not to compete.

Packing Your Golden Parachute

The best time to pack a parachute is while you are still on the ground. Once you’re in the air and one engine has already failed, it’s too late to stuff all those yards of nylon into a tidy backpack. Likewise, Goldman & Ehrlich recommends defining your terms for a secure exit before you take your place in the company cockpit. Our Chicago employment lawyers negotiate termination provisions in compensation packages at the time of hiring so that there will be no misunderstanding about your rights if the new job doesn’t work out as planned.

Contact Our Knowledgeable Chicago Contract Negotiation Attorneys

If you have achieved a level of corporate responsibility, you want to be compensated appropriately. For effective negotiation of your salary and benefits, call Goldman & Ehrlich at 312-332-6733 today or contact our Chicago office online.