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Skilled Attorneys Negotiate Executive And Employment Severance Agreements In Chicago

Unless you have a written employment agreement that provides for severance pay upon your termination, you have no specific right to a severance payment. Nevertheless, there may be certain facts and possible violations of laws that could provide you with enough leverage to negotiate for a severance agreement if none was offered or to obtain a better severance amount than what is being offered. You may also be facing a hostile work environment, making it difficult for you to continue working, but you cannot afford to resign without receiving a severance payment. Our attorneys at Goldman & Ehrlich understand the balance of power between the company and the executive or employee in termination agreements. For more than 30 years, we have negotiated severance agreements for our clients. We know how to arrive at mutually beneficial settlements that protect our client’s interests. Contact Goldman & Ehrlich today to get started on your case.

Employee Services: Consult An Attorney Before Signing A Release

When presented with a severance and release agreement, it is important that you consult with our lawyers at Goldman & Ehrlich before signing such an agreement. Once you sign a release, you lose all leverage in negotiation. Our Chicago employment attorneys will make sure that you understand what you are signing, will make revisions that protect your rights, and can help you negotiate a severance package that does justice to your effort and contribution to the company and provides adequate compensation for any legal claims that you are waiving by signing the agreement.

Fair Terms That Reflect Your Commitment And Safeguard Your Career

Our Chicago employment lawyers work with you to review your tenure with your employer to find where you have leverage to improve your bargaining position. We go all the way back to your offer letter, examine your performance reviews and catalogue any verbal or written communications that may have altered the terms of your employment to get a complete picture of your contribution to your company. We interview you thoroughly to discover where the company may have violated any of your state or federal protections, such as those involving anti-discrimination or the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act. We do everything possible to secure the benefits due to you, such as paid vacation days, stock options and bonuses. Finally, we do what is necessary to protect your career. We renegotiate noncompete covenants to free your services and even advocate for specific language characterizing your termination and to be used in employment references.

Protecting The Employer’s Interests

For employers, our employment attorneys in Chicago work to negotiate fair severance and release agreements that protect company interests, and they can advise you when severance should be considered. Our lawyers at Goldman & Ehrlich have the experience to balance equities properly with severance packages.

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