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Legal Assistance On Issues Of Nationality And National Origin

Like racial discrimination, unlawful treatment of employees on the basis of their national origin has its roots in fear and distrust of “the other.” National origin discrimination goes beyond animosity toward immigrants and includes second- and third-generation Americans of different ethnic backgrounds and customs. Our Chicago discrimination attorneys at Goldman & Ehrlich manage cases of national origin discrimination with sensitivity and a firm resolve to achieve the most favorable outcome for our clients. They have fought for diversity in the workplace and defended businesses from allegations of illegal practices.

Chicago Discrimination Attorneys Manage Your EEOC Complaint

Employees who were born outside the United States may be unaware of their rights to be free of discrimination in the workplace. Many face a language barrier that makes it difficult to obtain help from administrative agencies such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Likewise, Americans of distinctive ethnic backgrounds may experience ethnic slurs, defamatory jokes, and other comments and behavior that contribute to a hostile work environment.

If you have been discriminated against because of your national origin, our attorneys at Goldman & Ehrlich can give you the legal advice you need. Contact us online or call us at 312-332-6733 today to get started on your case.

Goldman & Ehrlich provides personal legal guidance for aggrieved workers. We have vast experience shepherding claims through the EEOC and litigating complaints in state and federal courts. Unlike many discrimination lawyers in Chicago, we don’t go looking to turn every workplace complaint into a class action. We work with you individually to find the best remedy for your particular circumstances. Sometimes that remedy comes from injunctive relief, where the court bars your employer from continuing its discriminatory practices. Sometimes, money damages are possible if you have been denied overtime or a promotion because of discrimination. No matter what course we take, we will work closely with you to ensure the most favorable result possible.

Chicago Employment Discrimination Lawyers Offer Resolute Defense

Though American companies make a point of valuing diversity in their workforce, the same cannot be said for everyone in a management position within a particular company. So even if your company has clean hands or a written policy on the treatment of workers of various ethnic groups, you may need help defending your actual practices. Goldman & Ehrlich provides thorough representation, beginning with an in-depth inventory of your company procedures. Where misunderstandings or abuses have occurred, we negotiate proactive solutions that benefit both parties. Our goal is to cure any issues that might get in the way of your company’s productivity. While we’re open to reasonable negotiations of lasting solutions, we vigorously litigate when necessary to protect your interests.

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