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Safeguarding Your Rights As A Government Employee

If you are a state or local government employee, you may have the right to a civil service hearing for matters of discipline, including termination. Civil service employees are not “at will,” so their government employer must demonstrate just cause for termination. Goldman & Ehrlich provides thorough and determined representation to state, county and city workers. Our partner attorneys have in-depth knowledge of the laws and procedures that govern various employment actions. They have represented numerous employees at hearings before agencies such as:

Partner Attorneys Guide You Through The Bureaucratic Process

Defending your job before a large and impersonal bureaucracy is an intimidating task. There is so much about the way government departments and bureaus operate that is simply unknowable to an uninitiated person with a limited legal background. Goldman & Ehrlich gives you the advantage of skilled and experienced partner attorneys managing your claim from start to finish. Unlike other Chicago employment law firms, we never delegate any aspect of your case to a junior associate. You work with highly knowledgeable attorneys who are fully capable of delivering the best results possible.

Federal Protections Against Discrimination And Retaliation

State, county or local governments may also have protections under federal laws that guard against discrimination in the workplace and retaliation for engaging in protected activities. Our Chicago employment attorneys’ knowledge of federal civil rights statutes, such as 42 U.S.C. Section 1983, and the case law that has come down from the higher courts allows them to assert your claim with confidence. Additionally, many discrimination claims are handled in the same manner as private employee claims before the EEOC. Here, our lawyers’ experience advocating both sides of employment issues – plaintiff and defense – gives them additional insight so that they can deliver higher-quality representation.

Contact Our Experienced Government Employment Attorneys

If you are a government employee and you have a job-related complaint – such as wrongful termination or discrimination – against your agency, call Goldman & Ehrlich at 312-332-6733 or contact our Chicago office online.