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We Work To Assert Your Rights

In today’s ultracompetitive job market, the pressure is on employees to accept employment agreements that may impose unreasonable obligations and/or include overly broad noncompete covenants that will severely restrict their ability to work for other employers when their employment ends. These agreements might also require employees to accept violations of their legal rights in the workplace.

Our experienced attorneys at Goldman & Ehrlich can relieve that pressure by providing dependable legal advice and making sure that you understand the obligations that your employer is imposing on you. For more than 30 years, our Chicago employment lawyers have negotiated employment contracts and advised employees about their employment contract rights and options.

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Enhancing Executive Bargaining Power

If you have received a tentative job offer, you may have questions about the wording of the agreement and whether it truly reflects the terms you have requested. Our attorneys regularly negotiate executive compensation packages from the sides of both employees and employers, so they know how to negotiate firmly and realistically to achieve the best results possible. Our lawyers will also review and negotiate severance packages that reflect employees’ positive contributions to company performance, uphold their contractual rights and preserve their good names in their industries.  We will also evaluate any legal options that you may have before you accept a severance and release agreement.

Upholding Workers’ State And Federal Rights

Under Illinois and United States law, workers enjoy protections from discrimination, sexual harassment and retaliation. Though many Chicago employment law firms assist in these areas, the difference at Goldman & Ehrlich is our commitment to personal service from seasoned partner attorneys. We stay away from class actions, where your case is subordinated to a larger group and named plaintiffs. We want the unique facts of your particular case to be aired and for you to receive a remedy that is appropriate for you as an individual.

Personal Assistance From Experienced Partner Attorneys

Whether they are negotiating terms of employment or litigating workplace violations, our knowledgeable partner lawyers will provide you with close, personal counsel backed by their more than 65 combined years of employment law experience. You will have direct access to them; your case will not be left in the hands of an associate, as our lawyers remain actively engaged in each case. They will stay with you from your initial interview through the successful resolution of your legal issues.

We’re Dedicated To Your Case

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