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Why keeping a journal of your workplace sexual harassment is wise

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2023 | EMPLOYMENT LAW (EMPLOYEE) - Sexual Harassment

Those who endure sexual harassment in the workplace can find a legal solution. However, you must prepare to prove your case. While Illinois courts are sympathetic to victims, they cannot decide in your favor without proof.

Sometimes, others witness harassing incidents and may agree to speak out on your behalf. Other times, a little journaling can help you provide evidence of workplace sexual harassment. Always report incidents of harassment to a superior to protect your claim rights.

Adequate preparation is critical in a workplace sexual harassment claim. You don’t want to forget a detail or struggle to relay your experiences. Keeping a journal helps ensure that you capture information that a court may consider when deciding your case.

Some tips for journaling workplace sexual harassment

Be detailed. Name the offender and the date and describe what happened during the incident. Remember to explain why the conduct was improper. Consider including witness names (if any) and your employer’s response to your complaint.

Be careful. Never keep a harassment or discrimination journal on company property or devices. Someone might find it and delete it. It is better to do your journaling on your own time and property.

Be objective. Avoid filling the journal with your thoughts and feelings, even those concerning your harassment. Most courts want the facts first. If they need to know how the harassing conduct affected you, they will ask for your input.

The contents of a sexual harassment log might not seem like much in the way of proof. However, it can establish a timeline of events, show patterns of mistreatment and contribute to your case in other ways. In the hands of an experienced legal representative, it might even become the foundation of a successful claim.