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My employer docked my pay without notice and without reason

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2015 | Firm News

If you boil away everything else, there is a simple tie between an employer and employee. The employee agrees to do work, and the employer agrees to pay him or her a set wage. This is the core of the relationship in the American business world, and it’s something that should rarely ever be upset. When an employee stops doing work, the employer can fire him or her. What, though, can an employee do if the employer suddenly reduces his or her pay without reason? It’s an important question, especially when it happens to you.

Many employee are cowed into submission by the idea of losing their jobs if they complain, but it’s important to remember that the agreement between employer and employee runs two ways. You should always find out why your pay has been docked – even if it’s not legal for the employer to do so, you still need to find out the reasoning behind the act. You can then begin to plan out your next move, but be careful – the second you begin to ask questions is the second that you must prepare yourself to take the steps necessary to secure your livelihood.

Once you find out that your pay has been docked, you have a few choices. If you work in a unionized workplace, you should immediately report to your union rep. Docking pay without reason is one of the things that unions were formed to protect against, and your rep will help you to take the next steps to secure your pay. If you are not in a union, your best ally will be an attorney – you certainly have a cause to be concerned if your pay is being docked, and an attorney will help you to determine what you can do about that action.

Your employer does not have a right to reduce your pay without a reason or notice. You have the right to be paid the wage that you and your employer agreed upon, and never let him or her tell you differently. If you are willing to fight for the money that you are owed, you will not have to be afraid of the consequences. Contact us today to see if you have a case!