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Recognizing age discrimination at work

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2024 | EMPLOYMENT LAW (EMPLOYEE) - Workplace Discrimination

Treating someone less favorably because of their age is known as ageism. While ageism may harm everyone, older adults are particularly vulnerable in Western society, where youth is greatly prized. Despite often being the most qualified and experienced professionals, those 55 years of age or older are frequently disregarded in favor of younger, less experienced personnel.

Businesses need to approach problems from several perspectives to remain productive. It is important to view workers of all ages and backgrounds as potentially essential to the process. Nevertheless, some companies would rather employ young, eager applicants than more experienced staff members. This approach entirely ignores the benefits inspired by having a lengthy and diverse professional background.

Three places where ageism is prevalent

The following three situations of illegal age discrimination – wherein someone who is age 40 or older experiences ageism – in the workplace are the most prevalent ones:

  • Recruitment procedures: This is the practice of giving advantage to younger applicants in the selection process purely based on their age.
  • Workplace discrimination: This happens when senior staff members are mistreated or have fewer possibilities for advancement, recognition and training.
  • Termination: Employers adopt this cost-cutting tactic to “freshen up” their staff by replacing seasoned employees with new workers.

Although most people concur that senior employees need to be valued due to their expertise and seniority, this isn’t always the case. These days, age-based negative interactions outnumber favorable ones. In the workplace, 78% of older workers had either observed or experienced age discrimination, according to an AARP study conducted in 2021.

Have you been a victim of age discrimination?

You could find yourself looking for jobs that are below your skill level to make ends meet if you have been a victim of age discrimination. First, understand that it is unlawful for someone to fire you just based on your advanced age. Then, seek assistance so that you can fight for your rights.