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Can the Illinois Department of Labor Investigate My Discrimination Complaint?

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2016 | Firm News

When workers in Illinois feel they have been discriminated against, they often have questions about what, if any, their legal recourse might be. Often times, employees feel as though they face an uphill battle against a powerful employer with access to high caliber legal representation.

Fortunately for workers, there are a number of different routes that may be pursued to solve their problems and hold their employers responsible for violations of state and federal laws. One agency tasked with investigating discrimination charges in the state is the Illinois Department of Labor (IDOL).

If an employee levels a charge against their employer for discriminating against them in a certain way, the IDOL may step in to investigate the claim. Situations where IDOL may investigate an employer include gender wage discrimination or being a victim or having a member of the household who is a victim of domestic violence.

Filing discrimination claims with the Illinois Department of Labor

Employees who feel their discrimination case warrants investigation by IDOL should strongly consider hiring an experienced Chicago employment attorney to aid them from the onset of the claim. The process can be quite complicated in some aspects and having an attorney from the start can ensure proper paperwork is filled out and time deadlines met.

Employees must file their claims within one year of the alleged incident. With the claim, the employee should include supporting documents such as pay stubs and payroll records. The complaints are anonymous and the IDOL will look back as far as three years to find supporting evidence.

How long do IDOL investigations take?

The length of time an investigation may take depends on the complexities of the case. Investigators will look into whether reasonable cause exists that a violation of the law. Investigations may be conducted either in person or via correspondence between investigators and the employer.

Chicago employment discrimination attorneys

If you feel you received unequal pay due to your gender or were discriminated against because of domestic violence within your household, the experienced Chicago employment discrimination attorneys of Goldman & Ehrlich can help you prepare your claim with the Illinois Department of Labor.

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