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How Do I Prove Sexual Harassment at Work?

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2016 | Firm News

Sexual harassment is despicable, demeaning behavior with no place in any job, and it must be taken seriously in order to be eliminated as a threat to employees. Sadly, employers do not always see it that way and often times supervisors abuse their authority and perpetrate these types of acts themselves, which makes exposing it all the more difficult for the abused.

Fortunately, there are measures victims of workplace sexual harassment can take to prove the activity and make their place of employment a safer environment. Victims should not need to feel helpless in these situations and instead, know they can empower themselves to make the harassment end.

Documenting sexual harassment

Victims should make written documentation of the harassment they experience at work. Try to make the notes as soon as possible so the information cannot be misconstrued as the result of a selective memory. Records of sexual harassment should include:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Place
  • Names of those who may have witnessed the harassment
  • What exactly happened

The chances are that if proper details are collected and reported, the perpetrator may inadvertently make some kind of statement in an investigation corroborating the events. Barring that, documentation shows the victim is serious about their claim and is trying their best to ensure all the facts come out.

Know your company’s sexual harassment policy

It is almost always a good idea to work within your company’s guidelines for reporting sexual harassment. By working within the system, the victim can demonstrate a good faith attempt at resolving sexual harassment claims the right way. Almost all employers have a procedure for reporting this type of unacceptable behavior and should take the claim seriously.

If your supervisor is the one making the unwanted advances or inappropriate claims, the behavior should be reported to their supervisor. Often times, companies have independent HR departments to investigate these claims and will remain impartial regardless of the perpetrator’s job title.

Chicago sexual harassment lawyers

If you have done your best to report and record the workplace sexual harassment affecting your life, you may be able to file civil lawsuits and report claims to state employment authorities. In these situations, plaintiffs should strongly consider retaining an experienced Chicago sexual harassment lawyer to ensure their claim is properly prosecuted and taken seriously. Contact or call 312-332-6733 our office for a consultation about your case. With over 25 years of experience, the Chicago employment attorneys of Goldman & Ehrlich understand what it takes to get clients the justice they deserve.