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Illinois General Assembly Poised To Override Governor’s Veto On State Businesses Performing Roofing

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2016 | Firm News

In August 2016, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner vetoed Illinois Senate Bill 2982, a piece of legislation that would exclude business owners from using their own employees to perform roofing work on their own business. Now, the Illinois General Assembly is poised to override the governor’s veto and prohibit such business activities, perhaps to the detriment of businesses trying to grow and create jobs in the state.

The bill would have amended the Illinois Roofing Industry Licensing Act to require employees performing repairs and waterproofing on an employer’s business to be licensed contractors. The amended regulation would not apply to emergency repairs and waterproofing on business or citizens performing the work on their own residences.

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Explaining his reasoning for vetoing Senate Bill 2982, Gov. Rauner said “Professional licenses are sometimes needed to protect public safety. But Illinois’s licensing scheme is outdated, often nonsensical, and out of step with practices in other states.” The veto was seen as a major victory for the rights of business owners across the state, allowing them to maintain necessary control over their place of business.

Gov. Rauner went on to call for the Illinois General Assembly to work with the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation on comprehensive licensing reform. Additionally, the governor highlighted a need to broadly examine circumstances in which a license should be required, particularly the impacts costs would have on economic growth.

Currently, Illinois struggles with many economic challenges including ballooning pensions and a migration of businesses and workforce out of the state. Illinois already has over 100 professions requiring licenses and the bill could have only served to expand an already over-regulated economy.

While many regulations are well intentioned, they oftentimes have unforeseen consequences that can negatively impact growth, hiring, or even subject employers to costly fines for failing to fully comply with the law. In these situations, consulting with an experienced Chicago employment lawyer can help alleviate legal stress and ensure business goes forward as planned.

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