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The Extra Layer of Protection Afforded Government Employees

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2020 | Firm News

Those who work for the City of Chicago, one of the state’s counties or the State of Illinois itself, may not be aware that they may be subject to the protection of employment laws beyond those that protect those in the private sector. Such employees may be afforded additional protection for employment disputes, wrongful termination, and through the First Amendment protecting their rights to free speech in certain situations. If you work for a government entity and feel you may have been subjected to unfair to discrimination treatment, you should consider discussing your matter with attorneys who have experience in representing government employees, rather than try to fight city hall on your own. We encourage you instead to contact Chicago employment lawyers Goldman & Ehrlich to discuss and get started on your case.

Goldman & Ehrlich has been representing employees employed by the federal, state, county, and city government for over a quarter of a century. With Goldman & Ehrlich, you have direct access to one of our partner attorneys with over 45 years of combined experience. From start to finish, your case is managed by a partner. This assures you the personal attention and experience your case deserves. As a federal employee, Goldman & Ehrlich will be by your side throughout the EEO informal and formal process, and while your case charges may still be heard before an administrative law judge at the EEOC. .You may also have the right to sue in the U.S. District Court.

More and more individuals are beginning to realize and recognize that they can, in fact, fight city hall. When they feel they have been unjustly treated or discriminated against when it comes to their employment, there are proactive steps that can and should be taken. One needs to keep in mind, however, that federal employment law cases often involve rigid timelines and decisive decisions must often be made. Goldman & Ehrlich is here to help.

Goldman & Ehrlich are Chicago employment lawyers with a focus on employment litigation and employment discrimination. We continue to accept clients and pursue cases, even as we work our way through the Covid-19 crisis. To discuss your case and to begin to move forward to a successful conclusion, with social distancing practices to keep you safe and comfortable, contact us today.