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Discrimination can occur before you start a job 

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2023 | EMPLOYMENT LAW (EMPLOYEE) - Workplace Discrimination

While modern workplaces generally try to be as inclusive as possible. Workplace discrimination is still a significant issue throughout the country. Discrimination can take numerous forms. An employee may face verbal abuse each day because of their skin color, religious background, disability or other protected characteristics. 

Importantly, discrimination can occur before a prospective employee has even started the job. There could be discriminatory practices occurring during the interview process or the job ad itself might be discriminatory in nature. Equal access to job opportunities is just as important as having equal rights while employed. 

Outlined below are some ways pre-employment discrimination can happen:

Exclusionary ads 

All individuals, regardless of their gender, background or creed, should be given fair access to job opportunities. The recruitment process should assess candidates based on their experience, skills, and qualifications and not based on their protected characteristics. Language that talks about “recent college grads” or “high-energy” people is often code for “young applicants only.”

Wage gaps 

Not only should the recruitment process be fair, but the package on offer must also be equitable. Workers should be paid based on the work they do and the skills they bring to the table. There is no justification for paying someone less for the same job based on their gender, religion, skin color or other protected characteristics. 

Your employment rights start during the recruitment process. Employers and even prospective employers cannot discriminate against you. If you have faced any of the behaviors mentioned above, be sure to look into your legal options