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What does the passing of Illinois HB3129 mean for employees?

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2023 | EMPLOYMENT LAW (EMPLOYEE) - Wage & Hour Laws

Illinois House Bill 3129 was signed into law in 2023 and will go into effect in 2025. It requires employers with 15 or more employees to include payscale and benefits information in job postings.

Under this law, those looking for a job in the state will be able to view the salary range for open positions before applying for work. However, that is not the only way this new law could potentially benefit Illinois employees.

Greater opportunity for promotion

The law requires employers to communicate any opportunity for promotion to all current employees. That means everyone in the work environment has an equal chance to apply for another position within a company.

For women and minorities who are often underrepresented in management positions, the new law could expand their occupational opportunities.

Increased pay transparency

As mentioned, most employers must now provide details about the pay and benefits of their open positions. That means hopeful employees have better odds of receiving or negotiating a fair salary.

If employers use a third party to advertise open positions, they are still required to ensure pay and benefit transparency.

Better discrimination and retaliation protections

The new law clarifies that employers cannot refuse to hire, interview or promote applicants due to gender or other protected characteristics. Potentially, employers will find it harder to work around the law and discriminate against suitable applicants or employees.

It may also prevent employers from retaliating against workers exercising their rights (whistleblowing, filing a discrimination complaint, etc.)

Overall, the new law promises employees a more just and equitable workplace. Unfortunately, it probably will not stop some employers from trying to cheat the system. When this happens, experienced legal guidance can help wronged employees find relief for their mistreatment.